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Plan and order your project!


We wanted to let you know that you can now order your projects in Quiltster! To do that, first go to the project you’d like to order, click the Details button on the left side of your screen and verify that your Quilt Top is 100% Complete. Then look for the blue Add to Cart button in the top right corner of your screen.

We’d like to have your project orders completed by February 15th.

Please review this Quiltster Blog post that explains the ordering process including how to review your fabric requirements and swap out fabrics that are no longer available as orders start rolling in.

As part of your sign up, you receive 6 months of Quiltster to plan and order your project.

  • Monthly subscribers enter the coupon code for $10 off for 6 months.
  • Annual subscribers enter the coupon code for $60 off the annual plan.

Click here for step by step instructions on how to get started with Quiltster: https://blog.quiltster.com/quiltworx-university-account-set-up/

POSTED 11/15/2023

Quiltworx University - Texas 2024 - Ready, Set, Plan Your Projects!

Ready, Set, Plan Your Projects!

Hello everyone! We’re beyond excited about this upcoming retreat, and the beautiful design options Judy and Brad have created especially for you! We’re pleased to present your exclusive project, which features NEW blocks and layouts for the Compass Mixer series which can be purchased for this workshop through Quiltster.

Quiltworx University – Texas 2024

Quiltworx University Texas 2024

To keep up to date on what’s happening for this retreat and to communicate with fellow attendees and our hosts, please join the Quiltworx University Texas 2024 Facebook Group.


There are three options for selecting the pattern and your fabrics:

OPTION 1 – PURCHASE A PUBLISHED PATTERN AND PREPARE YOUR OWN PROJECT: Purchase the Maritime Compass pattern through Quiltworx or Stitchin’ Heaven once signups are allowed, and we will ship upon publication in February 2024. The price hasn’t been set yet, but will be available once ordering for the event opens up in December 2023. Yardage charts will be available at the same time as pricing so you can begin sourcing your fabric as well. With this option, you will be responsible for cutting your fabrics to the strip size, labeling them, and bagging them so that you are ready for class.  

OPTION 2 – CHOOSE A PRE-DESIGNED KIT: Select one of the Compass Mixer kits, exclusive for this event!  There are several pre-designed kit options that have been created for you to choose from. You will have a Quiltster account for six months (from sign up) as part of your event and will need to use it to purchase your project if you choose one of these options. 

OPTION 3 – DESIGN YOUR OWN CUSTOM QUILT:  Create your own completely customized quilt, where you pick the combination of blocks for your quilt and your favorite fabric collections from the list offered by Stitchin’ Heaven! If you haven’t received it already, any day (or upon sign-up!) you’ll receive a 6 month subscription to Quiltster, allowing you the opportunity to mix and match blocks and fabrics in 4 different quilt sizes to achieve your perfectly unique quilt!  You may use Quiltster, or contact Judel Niemeyer for an additional design fee to help you create your perfect quilt.

Maritime Compass Pattern

This pattern can be ordered through Quiltworx or Stitchin’ Heaven once published in February 2024. At that time, we’ll provide yardage information so you can prepare your own kit.  If you would like a kit, you can contact Stitchin’ Heaven directly to create one.

Maritime Compass

Maritime Compass Pattern

68×68 • Price TBD (Coming December 2023)

Compass Mixer Kits

If choosing blocks and fabrics seems overwhelming, we’re also offering the following exclusive fabric kits only available to event attendees.

If you select this option, we’ll cut the kit, and prepare it for the class. We’ll bring the kits to the workshop for you so there is no preparation needed! 

To order these options, you’ll need to find the one you want in Quiltster (click on Quilt Planner from your Dashboard, then scroll down to the bottom and click the blue Enter button next to Quiltworx University Texas 2024 to get started). Once you have opened the desired project (by clicking Customize) and given it a name, save it to your account.

Hang on to your projects (and endlessly tinker) until ordering is open in mid-December 2023. We’ll send out a announcement that ordering is open! At that time, you can click the Add to Cart button and it will walk you through the order submission process. All you need to do then is show up at the event!


Beaches of San Juan • 68" Square Island Batik: Maple Island and Vintage Charm

Beaches of San Juan • 68″ Square

Island Batik: Maple Island and Vintage Charm

Fuji Mum • 68" Square Island Batik: River Walk

Fuji Mum • 68″ Square

Island Batik: River Walk

Ice Cream Truck • 68" Square Island Batik: Honeycomb

Ice Cream Truck • 68″ Square

Island Batik: Honeycomb and Vintage Charm

Maritime Compass • 68" Square Timeless Treasures: Traditions

Maritime Compass • 68″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Traditions

The Christmas Lantern • 68" Square Robert Kaufman: Winter Sparkle

The Christmas Lantern • 68″ Square

Robert Kaufman: Winter Sparkle

To The Sea • 68" Square Moda: To the Sea

To The Sea • 68″ Square

Moda: To the Sea

Storm Cloud • 80" Square Moda: Grunge Basics

Storm Cloud • 80″ Square

Moda: Grunge Basics

Tilda's Star • 99" Square Tilda Fabrics: Pie in the Sky

Tilda’s Star • 80″ Square

Tilda Fabrics: Pie in the Sky

Hibiscus Heaven • 99" Square Free Spirit: Kaffe Fassett

Hibiscus Heaven • 99″ Square

Free Spirit: Kaffe Fassett

Lexington • 99" Square Timeless Treasures: Traditions

Lexington • 99″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Traditions

Northern Lights • 99" Square Hoffman: Sea Salt

Northern Lights • 99″ Square

Hoffman: Sea Salt

Nostalgic Mariner's Compass • 99" Square Timeless Treasures: Assorted Mini Collections

Nostalgic Mariner’s Compass • 99″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Assorted Mini Collections

Oceans Deep • 99" Square Free Spirit: Tim Holtz

Oceans Deep • 99″ Square

Free Spirit: Tim Holtz

Time Warp • 118" Square Timeless Treasures: Traditions

Time Warp • 99″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Traditions

True North • 99" Square Free Spirit: Tim Holtz

True North • 99″ Square

Free Spirit: Tim Holtz

King of the Unicorns • 118" Square Free Spirit: Tula Pink

True North • 99″ Square

Free Spirit: Tim Holtz

Mariner's Compass King • 118" Square Timeless Treasures: Coffee House Mini

Mariner’s Compass King • 118″ Square

Timeless Treasures: Coffee House Mini

Create your own completely customized quilt, by selecting a quilt size and blocks for each section of the quilt shown below along with fabrics from over 60 collections!

There are two ways to do this:

  1. Use Quiltster!  Prior to this event, you’ll receive a 6 month subscription to Quiltster (as part of the fee for attending the event), allowing you the opportunity to mix and match blocks and fabrics in 4 different quilt sizes and 4 different layouts to achieve your perfectly unique quilt!  
  2. We’ll Design it With You!  For a $40 design fee, you can work one on one with Judel Niemeyer as she uses Quiltster to mix and match blocks and fabrics to create your one of a kind quilt.  For this option, click on this link to pay the Design Fee, and then email judel@quiltworx.com letting her know which blocks you want and any inspirations for design and color. You’ll have final approval before your quilt is kitted.

Whether you use Quiltster on your own, or have us do it, your finalized quilt kit will be prepared for you and brought to the event for you to complete! No preparation on your end will be needed!


Your options for blocks and fabrics are shown below. If you have any questions about how to use Quiltster, we strongly encourage you to visit the Quiltster Youtube Channel and watch some tutorials before you get started.

Here’s a valuable video (not directly related to this project, but related to the Quiltworx University Planning process) which gives you a great walk-through of how the program works. While the video below is in an older version of Quiltster that looks slightly different than yours, once you click into the Quilt Editor, the process works the same. Click the image below to watch the tutorial.

Quiltworx University Project Planning Video


4 Layouts • 4 Sizes!


Compass Mixer Layouts!


A Blocks












Group H Border

Fabric Options

Stitchin’ Heaven is offering you fabrics from the following collections.

NOTE: Click the links below to be taken to the collections in Quiltster. Please know that in some cases the whole collection may not be available to use as part of the workshop. Only the fabrics included in the event will appear when coloring your Quiltworx University Texas 2024 projects.


Posted August 28, 2023

Quiltworx University goes to Stitchin' Heaven in Quitman, Texas!


It’s March 24-29, 2024 in Quiltman, Texas,

at The Event Center attached to the Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop

Are you a quilting enthusiast looking to improve your skills and have a great time doing it? Look no further than Quiltworx University! Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced paper-piecer, our events offer a unique opportunity to learn from industry experts and connect with fellow quilters. Led by Judy, Judel, and our highly knowledgeable Certified Instructors, you’ll dive deep into the world of foundation paper piecing, speed-cutting, chain-piecing, and curved piecing. Get ready for a fun-filled and educational experience at Quiltworx University!

This will be Judy’s 6th visit to Stitchin’ Heaven to teach classes but the opportunity to work with Judy and her staff doesn’t come around often. She will be demonstrating use of her products, tools, and shortcuts to complete amazing quilts. If you want to make a once in a lifetime quilt, this is the event for you!  

Event Center Classroom attached to the Stitchin’ Heaven Quilt Shop.


Judy and Brad are developing a project especially for this event and you! We’re pleased to announce that your exclusive project will be the Mariner’s Compass Mixer Series. We’re updating and redesigning our Technique of the Month pattern, standardizing the size to accommodate our newest Expansion Borders, and adding our newest techniques for piecing and assembly.

We will be opening up the coloring phase of the workshop in early November, so the layouts and blocks are not quite ready to select and color in Quiltster yet, but we’re thrilled with the new block designs that are coming, and can’t wait to share them with everyone! Here’s a sneak peek at a few of the design possibilities! The images below are all 99×99, but, there will also be 68″, 80″, and 118″ quilt layouts and blocks to choose from!

The knobs on the ends of the captains wheel block are appliqué.

This version matches Judy’s very first original Mariner’s Compass colorway…not the same fabrics, but current fabrics that are really close to the original.

This colorway featured fabrics from the new Tonga Traditions collection that will be releasing in November.

This is another combination of blocks, and features fabrics from Tim Holtz that are all re-orderable.

Be prepared to unleash your creativity, and make a quilt like no other. With the new pattern mixers, you have the incredible opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind quilt.

With registration you will receive 6-months of Quiltster, a revolutionary program that will help you plan your project from start to finish, including selecting blocks to picking the perfect fabrics.

If desired, kits for your projects will be available for this workshop through Quiltster and will be supplied by Stitchin’ Heaven. They’ll be cut down to strip size and waiting for you when you arrive, so you can jump right in and start sewing!

Get ready for a fun-filled experience with like-minded individuals and take your quilting skills to new heights! Sign up today.

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AND…You’ll want to have your picture taken with Gus!